Makoya Moola Breaks in New Banknotes

South African Reserve Bank: Banknote Launch Know Your Money

Makoya Moola introduced South Africans to the new bank notes with upgraded safety features. Hailed as a breakthrough synergy campaign with above the line TV and print, branded radio features and campaign song on air and extensive advocacy outreach on the ground, the campaign won a global International Public Relations Association Award and was presented in Parliament.


Creatrix worked closely with TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris on the Makoya Moola campaign. The objective; to launch the new South African banknotes with enhanced safety features.  encouraging South Africans to check for these features  in an exciting and original way.


Makoya Moola: Know Your Money was a 5 part radio mini-drama in 11 South African languages featuring a different denomination banknote in each episode. Characters were situated in everyday settings where money would fulfill a need and the upgraded banknote features were embedded within the stories.


A catchy brand anthem was created which worked as a standalone song, billboard, promos and backtrack of the campaign. Above the line elements (TV, press) were broadcast across the country and extensive advocacy outreach programs were conducted. The episodes flighted on all South African community stations.


Makoya Moola won a Gold IPRA Award for Institutional Campaigns in 2005. The campaign was presented in a session of the South African Parliament. The hook phrase, Makoya Moola has been adopted into cultural parlance as colloquial for checking authentic South African banknotes.

Tito Mboweni, Governor pf the South African Reserve Bank


Synergies: Creatrix, TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Kagiso Media, Magna Carta, Heart of Hearing Studio, Rhythm Nation Studio

  • Concept, Creative Direction: Creatrix
  • Scriptwriting, Idiomatic Translations: Creatrix
  • Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris
  • Advocacy and Outreach: Kagiso Media
  • Public Relations: Magna Carta
  • Design, Recording, Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio
  • Campaign Anthem: Lynn Joffe & Nick Heaton
  • Musical Direction & Production: Rhythm Nation Studio

Listen to a SARB Makoya Moola dramatised program in Ndebele

Listen to the SARB Makoya Moola Campaign Anthem