IEC Votes for the Power of X

Independent Electoral Commission: General Election

The Power of X was a slogan created for Elections 2005 targeting youth across all media platforms. For the radio rendering, we sought an alterative band with authentic youth appeal. Together with Kwani Experience and Howard Audio, we co-created a multilingual song that used spoken and sung lyrics to carry the call to action and even managed to include the SMS number in a catchy, hip way. The campaign flighted across all radio stations. The song was adapted as billboards, promos and underscores for individual messages in eleven South African languages.

Together with Kwani Experience, we created a contemporary multilingual campaign anthem, encouraging youth to exercise their right to vote. All 11 South African languages were sung, chanted and rapped in the track. Listen here.

Synergies: Creatrix, Kwani Experience, Howard Audio

  • Scriptwriting, Translations, Production Direction: Creatrix
  • Agency TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris
  • Campaign Anthem: Kwani Experience
  • Recording Studio: Howard Audio