Telkom Establishes Republic of Connection


The Republic of Connection was an internal one-day conference aimed at motivating different Telkom departments towards awareness, consideration and better service.

Our task was to find creative ways of bringing across six discrete brand values and working on them within a one-day session at the Inanda Club.

The Republic of Connection was our theme for the day; as if the group were travellers towards change. In addition to the themed collateral elements, we created a stirring anthem, incorporating the brand values into the chorus of the song, leaving the verses blank for the participants to make their contribution.

The citizens of the Republic of Connection were taught the catchy chorus using melodically colour-coded wind-pipes. The conference was then divided into six work groups, each representing one of the brand values. Once each group had workshopped their value, the citizens regrouped and performed their own verse. With the chorus being the emotive vehicle to drive their passion, their warmth, their integrity, their innovation.


Click here to see how the Republic of Connection rolled out that day. Keep an eye out for MC Lindiwe Jofifi, accompanying the audience on guitar while Warren Liebenberg from The Drum Café conducts the windpipes.