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Rainbow FM Spreads the Pitterpat Word

Pitterpat the Crazee Caterpillar: Rainbow FM Interview with Lynn Joffe


In a recent radio interview with Rainbow FM, author Lynn Joffe, shared her passion for changing childrens’ lives one story at a time.

Listen to Lynn Joffe’s interview on Rainbow FM here

Lynn Joffe, a musician by training and storyteller by trade, has combined her two loves to create a read along, sing along book called “The Tale of Sting Ray Charles” in partnership with sought after musician Adam Howard. The project has developed into an amazing, musical, multimedia adventure that weaves screen, sound, story and song into an inspiring magical theatrical story for young children between the ages of 3 and 8 years.

Storytelling is perhaps the most powerful way human beings cultivate their sense of imagination. Some have argued that narrative thinking is the optimum form of learning and self-expression. Lynn Joffe says, “Storytelling stimulates imagination. Storytelling is in our blood as Africans. It’s the original spoken word. It stimulates attention, engagement and imagination. A lot of children whose parents are not there to nurture them continually, lose imagination because parents are telling them ‘sit down’, ‘stay there’, ‘go to bed’, ‘do your homework’, instructions rather than what we call decontextualised conversations which is ‘what did you do today’, ‘what do you think of that men in the red shirt’ or something like that. So stories give children a way to use their brain, their cognition and their imagination.”

Lynn Joffe believes that “every single child in this world is musical. In fact everyone is musical”. This is the reason why she uses music and storytelling together as a way of stimulating literacy in young children. “Music is so participatory. It’s the most beautiful thing to create with little kids. The children that respond to this are between the ages of 3 and 8. So it’s little kids in foundation phase, who’ve just discovered the joy in reading, the joy of repeating a story or repeating a rhyme because that’s how kids learn. So it’s the heard word in the book, then they can move from hearing it… to seeing it…to reading… to becoming literate… to becoming readers which is the whole aim of it all.”

See more about Lynn Joffe and her work at the Pitterpat Website

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