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Standard Bank Soccer Sponsorship: Halakasha

The supporters of Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates have long been intimate rivals. A dynamic, interactive feature on 14 radio stations amplified Standard Bank’s sponsorship.

Once Upon A Time

Halakasha set out to tap into the insights of the ongoing rivalry between Kaizer Chiefs and Orlando Pirates football teams and exploit this relationaship.

The Brand Story

Halakasha is a 5 minute feature broadcast on 14 ALS and commercial radio stations during the football season. The show is a combination of live and prerecorded elements, interview and competition adaptable to each station’s presenter style.

The Synergy Journey

Fans participated on radio. The reward was the experience itself. Prizes and incentives on Halakasha were always tied back to interactive opportunities and winners received VVIP treatment at various derby matches for the duration of the PSL season.

Happily Ever After

Halakasha became a word that was taken into local township parlance. On the ground interviews and experience enhanced the on air experience of authenticity. Standard Bank firmly established their sponsorship link to the rival football brands.

Listen to Halakasha’s Metro FM broadcast. The 5-minute feature comprised player interviews, a catchy signature tune for backtrack, promos and billboards and a call-in competition

The Halakasha feature played to audiences across the radio spectrum. A contemporary signature track was created that worked on every platform.





Synergies: Creatrix, TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, Magna Carta, Octagon, Heart of Hearing Studio, Rhythm Nation

  • Concept, Project Name & Creative Direction: Creatrix
  • Scriptwriting, Translations, Production Direction: Creatrix
  • Public Relations: Magna Carta
  • Creative Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris
  • Sports Management: Octagon
  • Recording Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio
  • Campaign Anthem: Nick Heaton
  • Musical Direction: Rhythm Nation

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