Musical Storytelling Lives on YoTV

    SABC YoTV Furry Tales

    Lynn Joffe was invited to perform two musical stories, using voice, guitar and illustration for YoTV’s Furry Tales, on SABC1. The songs were taught to Lynn by her mother and grandmother and are over a hundred years old. Lynn is passionate about musical storytelling and believes that the heard word is a precursor to literacy and imagination.

    The Boop Boop Song

    The Boop Boop Song is a tale told in jazz swing, about a bunch of little fishies and their mommy who gets into dangerous waters with a wily fox. But help is at hand and when the wily fox realises he’s outnumbered by women, he sneaks off and all returns to the way it was.

    Goldilocks and the Three bears

    The Story of Goldilocks was sung to Lynn since infancy; a charming kiddie operetta in five parts lasting all of three minutes. “Granny never played an instrument,” says Lynn. But she sang it in perfect pitch and did all the growls and howls. So it’s been embedded in me since birth.”

    Furry Tales on YoTV

    Lynn recorded the show in mid-April and it broadcast during May. Take your pic of the clips below and enjoy the nostalgia with Lindiwe Jofifi and the Furry Tales puppets.

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