Every branded content campaign we create carries a unique signature tune, informed by the strategy and reflecting the emotive values of the brand. Signature tunes literally hook the market into your programming.



Signature Tunes


Knorrox Amandla Enkuzi: The Strength of the Signature Tune

A contemporary urban track was composed for this branded content series that flighted across 5 ALS radio stations. The signature tune was produced in 5 languages and utilised in all audio material, including promos, billboards and backtrack for live reads. Click here to hear the campaign anthem.

Trash to Treasure Campaign Anthem

Flabba Hadebe features on this edgy signature tune, used on air for spots and billboards and on the ground at street theatre and corporate events. Click here and siya jiva!

Brand South Africa in Full Flight

A stirring orchestral anthem was produced to elicit national pride. Male and female vocals complement each other over live instrumental and percussion tracks. The anthem was used in its entirety and was also crafted into multilingual spots for all South African radio stations.

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