Music is where the magic of the heard word takes flight.  Creatrix campaigns incorporate music as part of the communication mix.  Signature tunes, corporate songs and anthems raise brand stories from the level of the head to the language of the heart.

Signature Tunes

Original music gives the shine to any audio campaign and create empathy and memorability. Creatrix collaborates with co-composers and musicians, arrangers and youth to create campaigns that literally sing.

Campaign Songs

Jingles, anthems, songs, backtracks, there are so many ways that music works to put your brand story on the lips of your target market. Creating empathy and memorability for campaigns on air, on the ground and online.

Youth & Kids

We have the experience to communicate with youth and kids with empathy and flair. Brand managers mindful of the corporate/CSI convergence are beginning to the Creatrix Xtra mile.

Musical Storytelling

This is our trademark in children’s edutainment. We have many successful campaigns that reach ECD and Foundation Phase children through the power of the heard word and music.    

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