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Knorrox Stories Strengthen Brand Love

Unilever: Knorrox Strength of the Bull

This feature was directly inspired by the idea of storytelling. We conceptualised, scripted and produced a radio series of 8 self-contained stories across 9 stations to demonstrate different aspects of what it means to have the Strength of the Bull.

The stories illustrated real issues that LSM C have to deal with in their lives – and how they turn them into triumphs. From this insight, we created a destination show consisting of a skilful weave of live and prerecorded elements that synergised into a dynamic 5 minute branded content feature with legs.

The stories were told through the eyes of a female narrator character – Sis Nora – who embodied the brand values of Knorrox. Sis Nora played a crucial role in weaving together the many elements that collectively constituted each episode. She moved the listeners backwards and forwards through time, employing digressions and stories within stories.

“I think Amandla Enkuzi shows the strength of the bull in the light of how to handle challenges in a positive way. It also promotes the spirit of ubuntu and forgiveness”
Martha Makhela Presenter Phalaphala FM.


Knorrox Amandla Enkuzi: The Strength of the Bull Stories

The campaign flighted on 9 ALS stations in isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZiulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Siswati, Setswana, TshiVenda, Xitsonga. Listen here to one of the Knorrox stories in Xitsonga


Knorrox Amandla Enkuzi: The Strength of the Signature Tune

A contemporary South African urban radio jingle was created for the show. It set the series apart with an emotive signature tune that appealed to the market and reflected the values of the brand in a memorable manner. The song was created to flight across all stations in all languages.



Synergies: Creatrix, Heart of Hearing Studio, Howard Audio

  • Concept, Scriptwriting, Translations, Production Direction: Creatrix
  • Agency: DDB
  • Radio – Recording, Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio
  • Campaign Anthem: Lynn Joffe & Adam Howard
  • Musical Direction & Production: Howard Audio



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