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Eskom Radio Soapie Changes Emerging Mindsets

Eskom’s Tshintsha Manzi Tshintsha Changes Behaviour

Encouraging South Africans to become aware of electricity savings is a massive challenge. We were tasked to create a destination-driven soapie series that inspires South Africans to embrace behavior change towards electricity usage.

Eskom’s Tshintsha Manzi Tshintsha was flighted on 9 SABC radio stations in isiNdebele, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, Siswati, XiTsonga and TshiVenda. The audio file below is an edited collage including sections in all of the various languages


The radio drama was adapted to an 8-part 3 minute animated series in English that played in taxi’s during the radio run. Watch Episode 1 below.

Once Upon A Time

Tshintsha Mzansi Tshintsha – Change, South Africa, Change – was created to empower, entertain and educate South Africa’s main market on how to become aware of and change their behavior towards saving electricity.

Brand Story

An episodic, eight-part edutainment radio soapie was aired on 9 ALS Stations, featuring Stevovo & friends. The five-minute feature consisted of a prerecorded drama, promo’s, billboards, presenter links and an interactive SMS competition.

Synergy Tale

Using the radio feature as the heart of the campaign, the message was amplified by a fleet of branded taxis that acted as moving billboards and an 8-part animated cartoon series in English that played in taxis and at ranks.

Happily Ever After

An interactive competition yielded 160 000+ SMS response in 8 week period over 9 stations. Each was a suggestion on how to save electricity. The campaign flighted for two years 2011-2012.


Synergies: Creatrix, The Media Shop, Heart of Hearing Studio, Howard Audio, LoveBurd Design

  • Concept & Creative Direction: Creatrix
  • Media Strategy: The Media Shop
  • Radio programs Record, Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio
  • Music Composers: Lynn Joffe & Adam Howard
  • Musical Direction & Production: Howard Audio
  • Illustration, Design & Animation: LoveBurd

Branded taxis that acted as moving billboards. An 8-part animated cartoon was played on screen in taxi’s and at ranks

Branded taxis acted as moving billboard for the radio campaign. An 8-part English animated cartoon flighted in taxis and at ranks




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