Brand Stories

We believe that telling people stories reaches people’s hearts better than any other method. For brand empathy, it is an authentic way to touch people in the way they think, feel and act. We have many successful brand stories to tell, click below to view a few case histories

Branded Content

Creatrix pioneered branded content on radio. Perceived as programming, our branded multilingual features rule the airwaves, attracting and retaining target market listeners who regularly tune into our programs. We apply the art of storytelling to sound strategic objectives, fusing principles to the art of storytelling.


At Creatrix, we always put ourselves in the shoes of the target market to create empathy and relevance. We have more than 25 years’ experience speaking to audiences in the mass market space on their terms, on their turf, in their lingo.


Destination-driven edutainment features create interactive brand experience with your brand’s target market. We didn’t invent the term but we like to think we have set the standard.

Integrated Campaigns

Many brand campaigns are moving closer to fusing marketing sell with corporate compassion. Our brand stories are more relevant than ever before in persuading potential clients to fall in love with your brand than ever before.

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