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Brand SA Inspires Nation Building

Brand South Africa: Act Now – Alive with Possibility

Brand South Africa and TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris commissioned Creatrix to compose an anthem that would arouse feelings of nationalism and pride in all the citizens of our country. The theme tune was used as a complete track, as well as cutdowns and donuts for multilingual tactical messages for Heritage Day, Women’s Day and other calendar highlights.


Brand South Africa Inspires Nation Building

An emotive multilingual radio campaign was created to influence and inspire nation building for all South Africans. A stirring brand anthem was created that was also used for radio spot campaign. Listen here.

Listen below to the spots in Afrikaans and XiTsonga.


Synergies: Creatrix, Rhythm Nation

  • Scriptwriting, Translations, Production Direction: Creatrix
  • Agency TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris
  • Campaign Anthem: Lynn Joffe & Nick Heaton
  • Recording Studio: Rhythm Nation



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