Creatrix calibrates the perfect mix of on air, on the ground and online elements with our competent collaborative network. We partner with tried and tested suppliers and negotiate hard for our clients’ cost-saving benefit. We believe that the campaign whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s called gestalt. And it works.

On Air

Radio is the primary medium for driving lower LSM campaigns. It’s intimate, immediate, informative and behaves just like a best friend. Station presenters add shine to the radio mix and the relationship between listeners and DJ’s is a sacred one. With the increasing sophistication of modern media platforms, radio brand stories can now be amplified and synergised with on the ground and on-line activities.

On The Ground

Events, gigs, industrial threatre, outreach. Whatever you call them, activities on the ground amplify the radio storytelling to cultivate loyalty, behavior change and brand love. Many of our on the ground campaigns are adapted from the radio content to create street theatre and training workshops that reach beyond theatre-of-the-mind into the hearts and hands of communities.


Nothing happens these days without on-line content. Even though we belive that radio is ‘the social media of lower LSM’s’ there are a multitude of ways to synergise brand stories with on-line content. SMS and USSD are also forms of on-line media. Facebook, twitter, blogs, instagram and a host of other platforms synergise with our on air campaigns.


Creatrix campaigns integrate multiple platforms in multiple languages on air, on the ground and online. We believe that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Telkom Launches Second Season Integrated Soapie Series

Telkom’s 24/7Chomza Place is an integrated series of multilingual radio soapies on 5 ALS radio stations, amplified by weekly cartoon inserts in The Daily Sun and a multitude of online spinoffs. The campaign is in its second successful season on air, on the ground and online.  Click here to see what the synergy partners have to say.

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