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Stories For Life Inspires Pan African Storytelling


The Hardy Boys were briefed by Unilever to create an engaging Pan-African storytelling campaign for their Geisha soap brand, aimed at mothers of small children who traditionally have not had literacy or storytelling as part of the way that they communicate. The agency worked closely with Creatrix to write and produce Stories for Life embodying the notion that the heard word and music are essential ways of transmitting creativity and literacy to very young children. The underlying premise is that the more mothers read to their children, the sooner they learn to read – and succeed in life.

The campaign consists of six charming stories, based on values derived from the United Nations rights of the child – Resilience, Resourcefulness, Courage, Kind-Heartedness, Problem-Solving and Hard-Workingness – through a charming cast of anthropomorphic animal characters who reflect these attitudes through their different musical tales.

The Stories for Life series is available on various digital platforms in Kenya. The scripts were researched in-country with local consultants after which they were composed, written and recorded in Johannesburg utilising the vocal stylings of local female voice artists in English and Kiswahili


The mailer for the campaign won a Bronze Loerie in the 2016 awards season.

Synergies: The Hardy Boys, concept, creative direction
Creatrix: storytelling, co-composition, production, in-field research
Howard Audio: co-composition, sound design, final mix
Kalu Media: KiSwahili translations, studio supervision
Cultural Consultants: Dr Adelheid Bwire, Prof. Abudulai Jakalia


Click here to listen to Gina the Lazy Giraffe – English

Click here to listen to Miss Molly the Resourceful Hippo – Kiswahili

Click here to check out the  Geisha Stories for Life website

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