“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

Nelson Mandela

IsiZulu. IsiXhosa. Sesotho. SePedi. Setswana. SiSwati. IsiNdebele. TshiVenda. XiTsonga. Afrikaans. English: these are South Africa’s eleven official languages. We work with them all. Over the years, we have created literally thousands of hours of spectacular vernacular for SABC African Language Stations and community stations that value our work as highly as we do. Our multilingual producers work with a network of language specialists who translate master scripts into the required mother tongue, respecting idiom, cultural and linguistic heritage. Then our team checks, times, casts, directs and records these spoken word campaigns, capturing the flavour and texture of each language. We call it spectacular vernacular. And our clients agree.


Independent Electoral Commission

The Power of X was a slogan created for Elections 2005 targeting youth across all media platforms. For the radio rendering, we sought an alterative band with authentic youth appeal. Together with Kwani Experience and Adam Howard, we co-created a multilingual song that used spoken and sung lyrics to carry the call to action and even managed to include the SMS number in a catchy, hip way. The campaign flighted across all radio stations. The song was adapted as billboards, promos and underscores for individual messages in eleven South African languages.

Click here to listen to the Power of X theme tune that incpoporates all eleven South African languages. Co-created by Kwani Experience, Adam Howard and Creatrix.


Brand South Africa Inspires Nation Building

An emotive multilingual radio campaign was created to influence and inspire nation building for all South Africans. A stirring brand anthem was created that was also used for radio spot campaign. Listen below to the spots in Afrikaans and XiTsonga.

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