Spots and promos are essential elements in the radio mix. Spots build frequency for a brand and are often used for generic messages.  Promos support brand storytelling as a call to action device.  Creatrix has produced spots and promos from brief to broadcast in eleven South African languages.


Goethe Institute Creates Call to Action

The Goethe Institute briefed Creatrix on a campaign to solicit participants for their language courses in Johannesburg. G.B.Shaw’s Pygmalion principle was used to create this ear-catching spot featuring an English speaker desperately trying to master the pronounciation of the German tongue. The spot was aired on 702.


Sasol Airs Bird Book

In 2011, the fourth edition of Sasol’s comprehensive field guide, ‘Sasol Birds of Southern Africa’ was released. The publishers requested a radio spot with recognisable and typical sounds of local bird life. The spot was aired on a selection of commercial stations.


Eskom: Tshintsha Mzansi Jingle

This energy awareness campaign utilised a catchy contemporary music track to work as a signature tune for the feature, for billboards and promo spots and as a backtrack for township activations.

Brand South Africa Inspires Nation Building

An emotive multilingual radio campaign was created to influence and inspire nation building for all South Africans. A stirring brand anthem was created that was also used for radio spot campaign. Listen below to the spots in Afrikaans and XiTsonga.


Promo Spots Activate Pikitup Campaign

Pikitup’s Trash to Treasure campaign was flighted in and around the City of Johannesburg on selected radio stations.  Listen here to a promo spot promoting one of the Family Fun Day activations at Cresta Centre.

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