Telkom’s Radio Soapie Rides the Airwaves

    Telkom 24/7 Chomza Place

    24/7 Chomza Place launches its second exciting season on The SABC Big 5 Radio Stations in five languages. The series comprises a weekly soapie that speaks to the hearts and minds of South Africa’s middle market.

    Click below to hear the episode in isiXhosa where Bra Zakes launches his niece Beauty’s new album.

    Once Upon A Time

    The brief was to fulfill consumer needs and expectations of what a caring communications company can be, to empower them to take the next step and foster comprehension of and loyalty to the mass market product offerings.

    Brand Story

    24/7 Chomza Place is a 44-part radio soapie series, broadcasting weekly as a destination feature on 5 x ALS Stations. The script weaves storyline with product information and usage to create an ongoing mini-drama that keeps audiences tuned in for more.

    Synergy Tale

    The radio feature is the heart of the campaign. A weekly comic based on the radio series is published in the Daily Sun. Synergy goes digital in Series 2 with comic as interactive content. Brand Ambassadors Mi Casa created the campaign theme tune for the soapie and activations.

    Happily Ever After

    The first series of the campaign was highly successful with sales over 125% above projections. A second series has been commissioned and broadcasts from May to November, 2015.


    Synergies: Creatrix, MediaCom, DDB, Heart of Hearing Studio, Mi Casa, Mamba Media

    • Concept, Production & Creative Direction: Creatrix
    • Media Strategists: MediaCom
    • Creative Agency: DDB
    • Sound Design, Recording, Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio
    • Campaign Anthem: Mi Casa
    • Daily Sun Comic Designers: Mamba Media

    The radio show has been adapted into a weekly 4-page cartoon series inserted into the Daily Sun and fulfilling on-line content.

    24/7 Chomza Place is advertised on-line and in the Daily Sun ensuring cross pollination of the radio show.

    24/7 Chomza Place is a ongoing weekly destination listening radio series flighting on 5 SABC Radio Stations

    24/7 Chomza Place is a ongoing weekly destination listening radio series flighting on 5 SABC Radio Stations

    Integrated Campaign Video

    24/7 Chomza Place synergy partners discuss the campaign’s integrated elements. Watch the video here.


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