Heinemann in Tune with Classroom Education

Heinemann Publishing

Heinemann Publishing briefed Creatrix to provide four bespoke tracks for their educational range of books. Classroom Maths, Keys to English, Spot On and Enjoy brands were crafted into four distinct tracks in four South African languages. The jingles flighted in their entirety and were also used for radio spot campaigns. The spots were aimed at high school teachers. Creatrix worked with Mathambo’s Ron Bretell and some of the finest session muso’s in the country to create four unique South African signature tunes.


Synergies: Creatrix, Mathambo, Layer 5

Lyrics: Creatrix

Composers: Lynn Joffe & Ron Bretell

Music Studio: Mathambo

Spot Studio: Layer 5


A different jingle was created for each Heinemann product range in 4 languages, English, isiZulu, isiXhosa and Setswana.
  • Classroom Maths: an uplifting choral anthem.
  • Keys to English: a romantic ballad.
  • Enjoy: a toe-tapping Afropop tune.
  • Spot On: a Gospel-tinged singalong.