Joko’s Brand Story Speaks to Women of Strength

Unilever: Joko Strength Sessions

The objective of the Joko Strength Sessions was to highlight the inner self-confidence that everyday women use to overcome obstacles and rise above their circumstances. Eight women were chosen to relate their tales which were dramatised and rendered in six South African languages. Joko emotional and functional brand values which were blended into the storylines. The Joko Strength Sessions were based on the life stories of real women, overcoming everyday challenges with self-confidence, and dramatised into 8 weekly features in 5 languages.The production method allowed the stories to be as authentic as possible, with inspiring quotes emerging from the featured participants.


  • “Anything is possible if you work hard enough.”
    Program 1: Nokulunga, Bakery Owner and Entrpreneur
    Listen to the sound clip on the right for Program 1 in Sepedi.Each program in the Joko Strength Sessions featured a different woman’s life story. Read some of the quotes below.
  • “In hardship there is always opportunity.”
    Program 2: Thabile, Runs Young Women’s League, Businesswoman
  • “Never allow negative people to stop you from going for your goals.”
    Program 3: Emily, Role Model, First Female Taxi Driver
  • “No matter how hard the challenge, never give up.”
    Program 4: Thandi, Community Business Entrepreneur, Vegetable Grower
  • “Stand for something otherwise you stand for nothing.”
    Program 6: Tshidi, Community Computer Training Entrepreneur


The Joko anthem was an uplifting rhythm and blues hued tune, emulating the cross over appeal of Mo’Town and soaring multilingual female vocals. Adam Howard and Lynn Joffe co-composed the song, Adam focused on arrangement and musical direction, Lynn on lyrics and melody.
Take a listen here …


Synergies: Creatrix, Ogilvy, Heart of Hearing Studio, Howard Audio

  • Concept, Project Name & Creative Direction: Creatrix
  • Scriptwriting, Translations, Production Direction: Creatrix
  • Agency: Ogilvy Brand Activation
  • Radio – Recording, Edit & Mix: Heart of Hearing Studio & Howard Audio
  • Campaign Anthem: Lynn Joffe & Adam Howard
  • Musical Direction & Production: Howard Audio