This is our trademark in children’s edutainment. We have many successful campaigns that reach ECD and Foundation Phase children through the power of the heard word and music.

Musical Storytelling


South Africa Votes for the Power of X

The Power of X was created in collaboration with the local band, Kwani Experience, to convince Mzansi’s youth to vote for the first time. Multilingual lyrics capture both emotive and functional messages. The song was aired in its entirety and was adapted for multilingual promos, generic spots and live events. Click here to hear the Power of X multilingual jingle.


Alakazam! Alakazing! The Power of your Mind is a Magical Thing

The Tale of Stingray Charles is the first picture book in the Pitterpat series. The current story has been read and performed at literacy conferences, arts festivals, educational workshops, crèches and Foundation Phase schools, showing young children and their caregivers how truly musical we all are. Listen here to The Pitterpat Song with its amazing, magical words.

On the Couch with Furry Tales

The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was taught to Lynn Joffe of Creatrix by her grandmother and is a glowing example of musical storytelling in its purest form. A mini-operetta in five parts, Lynn has adapted Granny’s a capella version to guitar and performed it on YoTV’s Furry Tales. Click here to watch a video of The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Multilingual Storytelling Goes to Grahamstown

Creatrix conducted several musical storytelling workshops as part of the Puku Story Festival in Grahamstown. Incorporating Redisa recycling messages into multilingual songs, Lynn showed ECD-age children how to unlock their rhythmic potential and how music is the unofficial 12th language of our land. Watch a short video report of the Puku Story Festival roadshows.

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