Jingles, anthems, songs, backtracks, there are so many ways that music works to put your brand story on the lips of your target market. Creating empathy and memorability for campaigns on air, on the ground and on line

Campaign Songs

Mama Koo’s Campaign Song Lives On

The Mama Koo Show was distinguished by a uniquely flavoured campaign song that put the brand on the lips – and into the baskets – of the LSM 5-7 target market. Variations of the theme tune linked presenter live reads to program content. The music was used for billboards, promos and generic spots. Listen to the Mama Koo track here.

Campaign Song Heats Up Eskom’s Solar Initiative

Viva Street was an integrated campaign aimed at enlightening disadvantaged communities about the value of Eskom’s solar heating program. The campaign song reflects the optimistic tone of the campaign and was used as promo spots, program billboards and backtrack under DJ live reads. Listen here to the Viva Street anthem.

Absa Soapie Sings with Unique Campaign Song

Absa wants to talk with their market, not at them. The Absa Stories campaign song is an aural interpretation of the bank’s emotive brand values. Flabba Hadebe coaxed the ‘kasi taal from the original lyrics and features as the rapper on the track which was used for spots, billboards and live events. Listen to the campaign song here.

SARB’s Makoya Moola on Everybody’s Lips

The Makoya Moola campaign song evolved from the objective of educating all South Africans about the new banknote security features. The anthem re-interprets learning outcomes in memorable musical and vocal phrases in all eleven South African languages. The song was broadcast as a standalone as well as in billboards, promos, generic spots and backtrack. Listen to the Makoya Moola song here.

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