At Creatrix, we don’t just believe that children are our future. We believe we walk the talk every step of the way in the realm of the spoken word

We’ve set out to make a difference in this field; using musical storytelling to stimulate, retain, entice and entrance Early Childhood and Foundation age learners to stimulate and develop activations, events and interventions. Creatrix is exploring the notion that the ‘heard word’ is the precursor to literacy, the hearing of stories, the spoken, living language; why, even in the womb, a child resonates to the rhythm of its mother’s tongue.

Corporate Social Investent (CSI)

The silos of corporate social investment and classical marketing are starting to converge. There is room in brand communications for profit and compassion. Our campaigns are moving closer to fusion than ever before.

Musical Storytelling

This is our trademark in children’s edutainment. We have many successful campaigns that reach ECD and Foundation Phase children through the power of the heard word and music.


From Pikitup to Redisa, staff roadshows to children’s outreach, Creatrix has contributed to awareness and activation for clients in the recycling space.

Early Childhood Development (ECD)

Early Childhood Development is the most vital stage of a child’s education. Creatrix collaborates with various partners to bring ECD to life with musical storytelling and innovative activations.

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