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How Bliss Brands Created their Unique Love Story.

Bliss brands’ Securex soap, a challenger brand in the soap category, needed a way to gain consumer’s attention in a busy market. They found a multi-lingual solution with a novel concept from branded content specialists Creatrix. 

Marketing Director Liezl Bygate briefed Creatrix and the team brainstormed an innovative radio ad in four languages. What resulted was a cleverly scripted love song that plays on key phrases like  “The first time you touched my skin, you soothe me, your scent, etc” and ends in a big reveal – the soap is the object of desire in the song.

Broadcast in 2017, it was extremely well-received and Blissbrands asked for the concept to be extended to the small screen. Creatrix immediately tasked the team with creating a music video.

Shot by The Star Film Company, the new TVC music video takes the form of a budding romance between a young lawyer and a dancer, walking us though the courtship and ending when he puts the ring on her finger.

Creatrix founder Lynn Joffe says the entire TVC is a metaphor for brand love: “The brand values themselves are embedded in the lyrics, subtly suggesting the desired cleansing properties, from secure, soothe, scent, softness and strength to securex.

Once again the big reveal is that the love song is to the soap itself.

“This is the first multi-lingual song that works perfectly in English, Zulu, Tswana and Sepedi, since we wrote it to accommodate these four languages. We first had to create the concept through song and then translate into mother-tongue languages to make sure the meaning could be conveyed across several languages.

“It is SA’s first branded content music video where we are seduced by the music and then surprised by the humorous conclusion.”

Star Films director Mqondisi MQ Ngubane says the ad resonated with him and evoked a nostalgia: “Love is a big thing in our community and being able to translate this visually and metaphorically, with what is always deemed a clinical concept for a clinical brand, was a challenge. Yet, the script, brief and foundational concept from Creatrix showcased an ability to think out of the box and push the narrative and visual aesthetic into an interesting space.

“To top it off, the forward thinking approach from Creatrix, our selection of the casting, the professional production team as well as a client who knows exactly what her brand is about and what was needed to take the appeal to the next level –  all played a big role.”

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