Storytelling is the most adaptable method by which a brand story can communicate their brand values through resonant, relevant content in an entertaining way.  Mother tongue storytelling is a proven method to foster brand love.


Creatrix was established in response to an overwhelming industry need for campaigns that speak to the hearts, minds and actions of the mass market through resonant relevant content campaigns. We pioneered destination listening campaigns in mother tongue with the Mama Koo Show and continue to communicate the Anglo American’s fundamental values through a riveting drama series, Makarapa City, that has resonated the airwaves since 2015.

From marketing executives to agency producers to composers Creatrix collaborates to across the entire communication spectrum. We play well with others, but we’re best when we’re executing effective, resonant branded content campaigns from brief to broadcast.


All compelling radio revolves around storytelling. The heard word has a direct channel to the heart. Radio is still the most effective medium to engage SA’s main market. Radio stimulates empathy, intimacy, and imagination, becoming a trusted lifelong friend. We’ve have created radio campaigns for a host of blue-chip clients, including Absa’s Absaville, Wits Centenary Stories, Eskom’s Ruby and the Powerpals, a multitude of features for Tiger Brands. Creatrix has over 25 years’ experience in creating and producing brand stories for radio campaigns from brief to broadcast.


In this ever-changing online realm, people channel switch all the time. Sometimes engaging in more than one platform at a time. Think sports. Sitcoms. Gossip. Movie franchises. Our focus on online marketing falls squarely on good content. We’re committed to creating meaningful, memorable content that will draw attention to your business. What if your brand story could resonate across the very platforms your target market is tuned into? What if you could create a #transmedia storytelling campaign that plugged into your consumer’s habits and preferences?


Audio stories. Painting pictures in words and sound. With storytelling as our superpower, we’ve expanded and integrated into the world of audio-visual stories from Music Videos for Momentum Short Term Insurance to an on-line storytelling series for Wits Witsie4Life for Wits Centenary to a TV Series for SABC3:  Bejazzled, 13-part jazz show.  We are also deft in re-purposing assets for the South African market from overseas or international material.  With the capacity to produce in 11 South African indigenous languages.


Creatrix believes strongly in the power of the pen.  It’s where all good stories begin.  We’ve been telling them for over 25 years. From simple promo spots to legacy campaigns. FMCGs to NGOs. It’s all in the writing. We’re also well versed in the written word for other media. Video productions, TV Commercials, magazine articles, music videos, children’s books, digital and social media copy. It’s what we do.  We also compose jingle lyrics with a view to mother tongue and cultural relevance.


We’re committed to staying on top of emerging audio trends that will elevate your brand story. Creatrix campaigns incorporate music as part of the communication mix.  Signature tunes, corporate songs and anthems raise brand stories from the level of the head to the language of the heart. Jingles, anthems, songs, backtracks, there are so many ways that audio works to put your brand story on the lips of your target market. Creating empathy and memorability for campaigns on air, on the ground and online.


Our pen power extends to the printed word as well. From brochures to books. One liners to epic novels. Our childrens’ readalong, singalong books have been acknowledged as an effective and engaging method of raising literacy and enjoyment for ECD children.  Ruby and the Powerpals, created for Eskom, is a physical storybook and interactive website. Geisha’s Stories for Life was digitally platformed for Unilever Ghana and Kenya without a soap bubble being popped. The Tale of Stingray Charles has been used by Wits and UJ educators to demonstrate the power of storytelling in the classroom.